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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The ActiveAdmin and Inherited Resource Mess

ActiveAdmin is a very popular library for Ruby on Rails to effortlessly implement administrative functionalities in your Rails application. You end up having Forms and Actions for CRUD operation on your models without just about any effort.

However, we recently noticed a scary scenario for a Rails application using ActiveAdmin due to a 3rd party gem (library) that is being used by ActiveAdmin - inherited_resources.

  • A set of resources for e.g. ResourceA, ResourceB e.t.c are internal to the application and need not be created based on user input. However information for those resources are available to the user without authentication i.e. the "read" operation is available and the corresponding "show" method is implemented in each of the respective controllers.
  • The developers implemented only the "show" method in each of the controllers assuming that the other operations such as "create", "write", "delete" e.t.c will not be possible due to the absence of the relevant methods in the controllers.

Resource creation
Exception without inherited_resource

It turns out that ActiveAdmin by default generates a Rails controller with InheritedResource::Base as the base class instead of the default ApplicationController if the corresponding controller is not already generated. This technically implies that any CRUD operation on the generated controller will be handled by InheritedResource::Base which performs the default action as requested.

This scenario resulted in unexpected authorisation issue in the application. Technically this is not a vulnerability in ActiveAdmin or InheritedResource but due to the difference in behaviour compared to Rails default, an application might end up having unexpected default actions in its controllers.

To summarise:
  • ActiveAdmin is a great utility for any Rails application.
  • If you are using ActiveAdmin, ensure you know what InheritedResource::Base is doing.
  • It is always a good idea to authorise all actions in your controller instead of depending on exception handling.

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